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The Charter Way.

Educational choice and specialized learning for K-12 students in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania charter schools offer specialized, individually-crafted learning centered on each student's academic needs, strengths, and weaknesses. For students who may not thrive in a state-governed learning environment, charter schools are an alternative educational opportunity. Within PA's branch of charter education, there are three types of schools: Cyber-Charter, Public Charter, and Private Charter schools. Despite differences in educational environment, governance, and funding, all three types of charter school strive for curriculum  differentiation and academic progression and enrichment focused on each of PA's individual learners.

We are schools, support organizations, research groups, and individuals who seek to provide the public with resources and information to enable the establishment and growth of charter schools  in Pennsylvania. PA students and their families need and deserve an education that works around each person's skill set and learning abilities. Please help us  campaign for the sustenance of  charter schools and the formation of individual-centered learning opportunities in PA.

Charter Schools: A Choice, A Necessity.

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