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The Charter Way.

Educational choice and specialized learning for K-12 students in Pennsylvania.

Charter Schools: An Educational Choice. An Educational Necessity.

PA children and families need and deserve an education that works around each individual student’s skill set and learning abilities. We stand for the educational choice, equality, and strength that PA needs and deserves—the charter way. As an alternative learning opportunity, Pennsylvania charter schools offer and deliver curriculum  customization and educational growth and enrichment to PA’s individual learners according to their unique circumstances. Not all students can thrive in a standardized, state-controlled academic setting, so charters exist to serve and nurture the individual  as an independently-operated educational environment.

Do not let any one of PA’s students falter by way of an unattainable academic standard. Please help us stop charters from fading away from and crumbling under the Pennsylvania school system.

Have your voice be heard!

  • Contact local and state legislators to inform them of PA students’ need for charter schools, alternative academic options, and educational choice.
  • Tell state representatives about your story and your need and desire for  individual-student-centered learning. Have your voice be heard!

Help Us Save PA Charters!