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Standardized Testing and Charter Schools

  • On Wednesday, July 29th, 2015, Dr. Jim Scanlon, Superintendent of West Chester Area School District, gave a speech regarding standardized testing (click here for PDF) at the House Education Committee Hearing. In his testimony, Dr. Scanlon discusses the 21st-century pressures that PA’s K-12 community faces, such as PSSAs, Keystones, social media, and academic standardization.  For more information, please see Dr. Scanlon's speech or our blog.
  • In a NewsWorks article entitled “Pa. school leaders brace for impact of state test declines on parents, students, teachers" from August 6, 2015, education writer Kevin McCorry reports that more rigorous PSSA tests are resulting in a dropping proficiency rate for Philadelphia elementary- and middle-school students.  School administrators are hoping to receive the right funding to thoroughly prepare and academically nourish students in the face of state standards and college and employer expectations—a hard and delicate balance to strike and maintain. For more information, please consult McCorry's original article or our blog.
  • In the Philadelphia Inquirer's "Philly Schools' scores plunge on new state tests" from September 2, 2015, Kristen A. Graham explains that the  PSSAs have grown more difficult due to the state's new Common Core standards, and Philly schools' test performances alone mirrored the average statewide declines exactly. Philadelphia's school budget had some effect on the declining scores, as schools could not provide adequate staff and supplies to students during the 2014-2015 school year. For more information, please seek Graham's original article.